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Invitation To Soccer Conference 2012

An important opportunity to help shape
Long-term Player Development in Ontario

The Soccer Conference 2012, scheduled for April 27 – 29, at the Hilton Toronto Airport Hotel, offers an opportunity to hear and exchange plans and ideas on the most important challenge currently facing us—the effective implementation of Long-Term Player Development (LTPD).

While we have already done a great deal of work to begin introducing LTPD in Ontario, we are still in the relatively embryonic stages of delivery. As we continue to “phase-in” the various elements and “stages” of LTPD, there is still much to do for us to be able to stay on track and meet our expected timelines.

This is why we look forward to hosting sessions at the Soccer Conference 2012 that deal specifically with LTPD. Our “Roadmap” session is scheduled for Friday night, April 27. We hope you will attend this crucial session to get a clearer understanding of “where we are going”. This will lead into our Saturday “Club Development Plan” break-out groups—an opportunity for us to share our vision at the OSA but also to receive valued input from soccer leaders and all those who care about the game, right across the province.

We understand that LTPD represents a shift in thinking and approach for everyone—administrators, Clubs, coaches and parents. But importantly, the feedback we have received from coaches and parents who are actually experiencing this “change” at the Clubs who are already embarking on this journey has been overwhelmingly positive. We are moving forward, not back.

We recognize that information we send out on LTPD sometimes doesn’t get through to the intended audience, so we encourage everyone to attend these sessions. We will explain why we are moving in this direction—less focus on “games” and “winning” and much more touches, time on the ball and on helping individual players develop skills so they can reach their actual potential.

We will also unveil our plans around a new competitive league structure, which will be designed to help all players, including our more elite players, receive the best possible coaching and training environment to help them meet their goals—whether that is to be “identified” for District/provincial play or, ultimately, scholarship opportunities and professional soccer.

So if you are a coach, a Board member at a District or Club level, a referee, Learning Facilitator or in any way involved with our great game, we urge you to register and attend these sessions. Whether you are involved with the Governance/administrative aspect or the Technical delivery of the game, we look forward to seeing you.

Let’s keep working together to do what is best for the boys and girls in our soccer “care”—so that we can make this transition not about politics or disputes, but about what we can all do, together, to help our young players be the best they can be.

To register for Soccer Conference 2012, click here.

Alex Chiet
Chief Technical Officer



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