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LTPD Coach & Parent Resources For Downloading



VAUGHAN, ON — Those of you who were able to attend the annual OSA coaching Conference at the end of February should have received the new OSA resources that have been developed for our coaches across the province.

The brochure, which was released at the Conference, is now being made available to all Clubs and we ask that Club head coaches ensure this information is passed on to all coaches and to players’ parents within your Club.

We’ve created a series of brochures in the form of mini-pamphlets that walk coaches through four of the key physical literacy stages of Long-Term Player Development (LTPD). Each of these resources provide very basic but helpful information through Active Start, FUNdamentals, Learn to Train and Soccer for Life.


This project was in response to the many requests for “more information” that we have received over the past months around LTPD. The materials are tailored to address some of the questions many coaches are asking and are targeted at the volunteer coach—giving guidance, reinforcing what players’ needs are at each development stage and pointing coaches in the direction of further development. We encourage you to review the materials carefully and refer to them regularly.

These brochures will provide you with a guideline and some simple reminders to assist you as you plan your training sessions with your players. I should stress that the brochures are not technical documents. We envisage that Club Head Coaches and Technical Directors will assist coaches in their session planning to ensure the appropriate technical work is reinforced at each development stage, thus ensuring the players enjoy every activity. (Wellness to World Cup Volume 2 is a high-level technical document that will assist CHC’s and TD’s with a technical framework.)

Perhaps as importantly, the information will also be instructive for parents. Hopefully, the clear messaging will help parents understand the aims of LTPD and the wide range of benefits of a player-centered approach, one that promotes a genuine emphasis on individual skill development.

We’ve received excellent feedback on these resources already and hope you will make the time to use them. It’s important that all of our coaches understand the basic principles behind why a development stage-specific approach is so fundamental to developing young players properly and ensuring they enjoy soccer—and stay in the game.

Again, please share these materials, and continue to support our efforts to improve the way we deliver the soccer experience for all of our young players—whether they are in the recreational or competitive streams. You will note that, on the back page of the stage-specific pamphlets, there are additional resources you can seek out that will provide more information on the successful implementation of LTPD principles in soccer countries around the world.

LTPD is for every coach, every referee and every player. The more coaches who receive, review and understand these materials, the more we can be assured that the overall coaching and playing experience will be enhanced—and the more that high-quality coaching will also be consistently in evidence in every corner of the province.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Alex Chiet
Chief Technical Officer

Mark Marshall
Manager of Coach Development

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