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Aurora Youth Soccer Club “Turns on the Tap”


May 14, 2009, Aurora, ON: The Aurora Youth Soccer Club (AYSC) announced at their coaches meetings this week that all single-use water bottles will be restricted from the fields in Aurora this summer. The unprecedented move arose from the research conducted by the Board last year that showed that single-use water bottles are not properly recycled and that almost 90% of them end up in land-fill sites. The litter that occurs after games with thousands of people participating is a costly clean-up. 

Dave Stephens, the AYSC Director of Club Resources who monitors playing field conditions noted “we have seen an increase in the amount of single-use water bottles left at the fields each year.” He added, “we are unsure how many of these bottles get recycled and after our research it is clear that restricting them in 2009 while we look at an outright ban is the right solution, particularly when there are ‘green’ choices to make” 

Last year the AYSC started introducing the concept of multi-use water containers by distributing aluminum refillable bottles to all house league players in the U-11 and older divisions. This year there are more give-aways planned so parents and kids have refilling options.

Club President Ron Weese voted for the restriction on single use bottles at the February Board meeting and agrees with the direction. “We have been assured that tap water in this Town is not only safe, but are aware that tap water is held to equal or more stringent quality standards than bottled water. We think this is the right thing to do for both the environment and our membership. After all, we help develop children and what better way is there to help them learn about the environment than to implement this environmentally friendly solution. We hope all parents use the information we provide them and have a discussion with the kids about why this is the right thing to do” he added.

All AYSC Members will be receiving information about the single use water bottle restriction and will be asked for their cooperation. The intent is to help promote the environmental dialogue in each home. The AYSC will also be asking Town Council to support the restriction and include refilling stations at each of the large soccer venues to help facilitate this move.

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