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Administration Description
Switchboard For District Administrators only
Application Confirmation & Club Approvals
Click to confirm Application exists in Database -- If no record is found, click here
AHEGs by Reference # For Club Exhibition Game Approvals
ATFs by Reference # For Club Travel Approvals
ITCs by Reference # For Club Transfer Approvals
TAFs by Reference # For Club Tournament Approvals
Approved Applications (for Sanction confirmation)
Click to confirm if Application has been approved
If Application exists (see above) but no record is found, Application is Pending
If Approval is overdue, click here or contact your District Administration Office
AHEGs Approved by Reference # Exhibition Game approved
AHEGs Approved by AHEG # Exhibition Game approved
ATFs Approved by ATF # Team granted permission to travel
ATFs Approved by Reference # Team granted permission to travel
ATFs Approved by Tournament Host For Tournament Host to print or confirm "Approved" List
ATFs Deleted by Reference # Permission to travel NOT granted


Issued by CSA
TAFs Approved by TAF # Tournament approved
TAFs Approved by Reference # Tournament approved
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